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About us


About Blocknowledgy

Blocknowledgy helps companies to discover fast, thorough and interactive improvement potential in an organization by understanding, applying and using the capabilities of block chain technology.


Our Approach

Distributed Ledger Technology, or DLT,  makes it possible to  share administrations across different organizations in a reliable way,  through a number of key principles. To be able to apply this, a basic understanding is required within an organization. In an interactive way, we train teams while using gamification
See the Block chain Challenge.

We use techniques that Start-ups use to quickly build proposals for improvement avoiding waste. See The block chain canvas.

An experienced team of business, Finance and IT Consultants is available for you to enter the blockchain era.

The Team

Marco Sprenkels

Marco is an experienced startup entrepreneur and blockchain consultant: Trained at companies like EY, VP Business Development Europe at J2 Global (NASDAQ: JCOM). He is a Blockchain evangalist helping companies and investors analyzing the Blockchain business case.

Jos Burkx

Jos is a coach, driver, leader and consultant who has gained broad knowledge of (change) management, coaching, leadership, sales and marketing through training and experience. Jos strives to get goals clear and to achieve them by getting the best out of people, processes and organizations. 

Andy Lo Tam Loi

I passionately believe that innovation is key to add value to society, business success and growth. That is what innovation should be all about. Through visual and design thinking (management)methodologies I enable teams to be more creative to create the innovation they and their customers so hardly need.

Pim Bezemer

Pim Is an experienced Interim Finance Manager (Register Accountant in Business), with broad experience in controlling, Treasury and compliance. Pim is passionate about coaching, innovation and improvement and is eager to build new organizations. Has collaborated on various assignments abroad in both West Africa, North America and Asia.

Bas Schulte

Bas is a system architect and business analyst specialized in messaging and asynchronous architectures aimed at high-performance and reliability. Firm believer in the KISS principe; keep things as simple as they possibly can be.

Experienced as a team software architect, to maintain coherent and clean codebases by setting up coding guidelines, best practices and preach common sense.