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Association of Companies Zwijndrecht goes block chain

On the 6th of November we can take care of the block chain Challenge for the business association Zwijndrecht. We take 80 entrepreneurs in what block chain is and especially what it is not. We give a picture of the possibilities in the companies of the participants. What is actually a block chain? Is that the same as a Bitcoin? How does it work? What do I have to do? Just a selection of reactions within an organization, once it is talked about block chain. Understanding the operation of a block chain is not easy. and to be able to see the possibilities, it is essential that a basic understanding of the functioning is present. In a fun interactive way, we take an organization into the operation of a block chain. For groups of 12-50 people we offer The block chain Challenge. Small groups simulate a block chain and exchange information and articles. After playing the block chain Challenge, everyone understands the difference with one central party that manages everything and a decentralised structure of a block chain. Participants are able to think along with the possibilities that block chain technology offers for its own organization.