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Check it out, but now really

Sometimes these advertisements linger and you have no idea what it is About. The staff were very kind. A child called FF check if the advertising mother had it over Meat. That it was about meat I had to look up again (i would have sworn that it was about eggs and its origin). So meat and the origin of your flesh look up according to an advertisement from 2003. In the advertising shop of the information Office meat tells the girl exactly how it works: "meat from the meadow to the store is well checked in the netherlands" and "if you see this logo, you are sure it's good". The message is clear right? Too bad it was only an advertising slogan as it turned out later. "the Voorlichtinsgbureau Meat (VV) checks whether the CHECKEN' logo is used exclusively for beef produced in the NETHERLANDS. however, VV does not know whether the information provided by the Butcher is correct and considers that the retailer's responsibility is the Same. On the other hand, the inspection service of wares (KvW) checks whether the butcher indicates the Origin correctly. This shows that there are quite a few of the origin labelling of beef wrong. Research in 2002 shows that at 350 of 1176 controlled outlets the administration was not filled in completely or incorrectly. however, the controls of the VV and the KvW are not compared with each other, so it is possible that a shopkeeper does not tagging the meat properly without the vv, so the leaf Sets. " Consumers Again. Genept by a central party who likes to promote its product and uses a consumer information requirement. What is going wrong here now? The idea is not bad anyway? No certainly not, a logo that guarantees the origin and implies that the whole chain has been checked is of course Excellent. It was not yet possible at that Time. The Central party (information office meat, but also the inspection service of wares), now work with samples of only part of the Chain. One of Block Chain's promises is that trust in a central party is no longer necessary to enable transactions from a to B in a reliable transparent manner. The check-in promise is now quickly practised, but with all Products. (for example, Read the article at This is why block chain solves a well known Problem. And we will see it more and more in the coming Years. We would like to see what problems can be tackled by applying block chain Technology. Check Out.