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Do you already have a blockchain ID

Your first registration in a register is at your birth: birth register. The basic registration persons is that nowadays. And the older you get, the more registers your data contain. Being aware of this has been growing again since last few weeks with the new AVG Legislation.

About the basic registration persons: users of the data are the relevant citizens themselves and the Municipality. In addition, the data in the BRP are also used by (semi) government organizations that require personal data for the exercise of their Public-law tasks. This includes the police, tax authorities, notaries, the water and pension funds. In Total there are several hundred of these types of organizations. -source: Wikipedia

You can easily retrieve your BRP data with digid, or it can be with IDIN today. As long as it's all within the Netherlands of Course. Real solutions that go over national or cultural boundaries are not real. In fact, not all countries have such a population register, e.g. reason for the restrictions within a country is the lack of trust and Cooperation between Countries. Or there is a lack of confidence from the Government itself. In block chain technology, Trust in a centralized party is not necessary. This is technologically solved. This makes it possible to realize a distributed digital Identity. An entire category of applications is all around. For example, IBM has a solution for This. There are of course also several startups that offer a solution for this, such as Evernym, UPort. and Block Stack. I see a whole bunch of applications for me, where the endless copying and checking of personal data is no longer needed and AVG becomes something from the history booklets. I already have a block chain id: SPRENKELS.ID and you?