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Are you ready for Blockchain?

With Distributed Ledger Technology, or Blockchain, it is possible to transfer data between companies, reliabel and quick.

We are a team of experienced business and IT consultants. With our approach, we prepare teams for a new era of new business relations.

Passionate Seasoned Consultants

Blocknowledgy is a team of consultants who, with their experience within large Dutch companies such as EY, APG, Ordina, but also at Scaleups and Startups, can look at innovation like no other and apply it in an organization. Our shared passion for Blockchain and the disruption it brings has brought us together and with that passion we prepare your organization for the Blockchain era. Passion is contagious and change becomes easy when opportunities are seen.
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The Blockchain Challenge

Learning in an interactive way about the background and the functioning of a blockchain. Necessary to see opportunities.

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The Blockchain Canvas

With proven start-up techniques, we explore opportunities in your organization. With a practical Design Thinking approach we create opportunities visually.

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Blockchain prototyping

In order to move from a plan to real world, we apply rapid prototyping. We quickly translate an opportunity in your organization into a working prototype, to test it in reality.

Experience counts

Years of experience
Blockchain Challenge participants
Blockchain Canvas

Opportunities lie in processes with many transactions, representing value and involving multiple organisations